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Musician Bio

We have all heard that variety is the spice of life. If variety can also add just the right flavor to a music career, Sayaka Alessandra  should be just fine.

Her covers range from The Beatles “Hard Day’s Night” to a fascinating version of Dinah Washington’s “What a Difference a Day Makes.” She is quite open about her preference for songs by the one and only Elvis Presley. First-time listeners may be pleasantly surprised by her choice of “Return to Sender,” “Trouble” and “All Shook Up,” but these songs show her sense of humor as well as her passion.

Sayaka Alessandra  accompanies herself on acoustic guitar for many of these favorite songs. Her talent as a guitar player is growing along with her strength as a vocal performer. Listen to a delightful version of “All the Things You Are,” recorded by two vocal greats, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra.

When listeners hear some of her songs, they will be taken back a few years to the classy female vocalists of the 1940s and 1950s. Her marvelous version of Julie London’s “Cry Me a River” is old-fashioned in a perfect way, while her rendition of “Could I Have This Dance?” does credit to the talent of Anne Murray.

A Long Way in a Short Time

Sayaka Alessandra was born in Rome on September 12, 1985 and is half Japanese and half Sicilian. She credits YouTube as the place where she was discovered. It didn’t take her long to graduate to live performances in outdoor venues, cafes and lounges.

But don’t think of this young, attractive woman as an overnight success. Her Web popularity and impressive list of live performances have been the result of a lot of individual hard work.

Once she discovered her passion for singing she focused on opportunities, starting with high-school choir under the direction of musician and composer Richard Trythall. At the age of 25 she is able to present her songs in English and Italian, a skill that she honed with her own, live daily show on Sky Italia. She was also able to deliver the weather forecast in English and counts Japanese among the languages in which she can communicate.

Sayaka Alessandra now has a B.A. in Media and Communications from The American University of Rome. While there she studied singing with Professor Timothy Martin, singer and actor, who starred in the Italian stage production of “Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?”


Impressive Performance Record

In the past year Sayaka Alessandra has performed at the Festival of Castrocaro (June 2009). A video recording of this performance is on her YouTube site -

In 2009 she won a vocal contest in Sicily, an accomplishment that led to a guest spot at the Bellezze D’Italia beauty pageants in several Sicilian cities. Sayaka Alessandra won the Festival Interregionale in Paceco, Sicily (September 2009) and was a special, invited guest at the LILT (Italian Breast Cancer Association) charity concert in November. She also performed at Christmas concerts and was a guest vocalist at “an award-giving ceremony on the G. Morace ship, anchored in Trapani, Sicily.”

Her 2010 resume is just as impressive, with a guest spot and jury seat at the Chiccantanti singing competition (Buseto Palizzolo, Trapani) and a performance as guest singer at the Festival degli Artisti in Salemi, Sicily.

Up and Coming?

Sayaka Alessandra describes herself as “up and coming” even though she holds the title as “most subscribed female singer on YouTube Italia.” She certainly has used the new marketing techniques of the World Wide Web to great advantage, even appearing as a guest on a Sky Italia program about technology and the Internet.

She is capturing the attention of people outside the world of the Internet as well, with an article in the magazine “I Love Sicilia” written by Italian journalist Isabella Colombo. She has released 10 singles on Itunes and with other digital distributors. One of the songs is an original "smooth jazz song" called "Love Me Light", composed by Salvatore Buffa. Sayaka Alessandra contributed the lyrics.

Two new original songs by Sayaka Alessandra and Salvatore Buffa will be released soon.

Sayaka Alessandra is a regular guest on VideoSicilia television in Lorenzo Rapetti' s show.

On July 18, 2012 Sayaka Alessandra was a guest of RadioTiRicordi 99 FM (Rome) where she was interviewed and sang several songs live. In August 2012 RTR invited her to perform at their summer show Retropalco Live at the Ripa Theater along the Tiber River.